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Vijayanagara in front of the candraSala of his palace. At that
time, he told me (the author) that his master Acyutadevaraya
was accustomed to offer every year to Grod Venkatesvara a
handful of flowers with a beautiful Kavyaprabandha and was
acquiring merit and glory thereby. By the Raya's command
he requested me to compose a religious poetical work and
dedicate it to his favourite deity Sri Rama so that prosperity
and the four kinds of Purusartkas might accrue to him as well
as his master.

T&rakabrahmarnjlyam : Madras Govt* Or. Mss* Lib. \ R. No. 347.


Timma married four wives, viz.) Sedtamamma, Laksmidevl,
Gopamadevi and TirumaladevI, Of these, the first wife
Sedtamamma gave birth to Kondaraju, Tirumalaraju, Appala-
raju and Ramaraju.

Appalaraju defeated Sava and Band in a fierce battle at
Kurakacerla, and won the admiration of kings by entering the
world of the gods having at first pierced through the orb of
the Sun.

Mac. Afss. 13-2-19, pp. 286-7.

Sari Ahobala Nayadu who was born after the
massacre of all his kindred by Sraviti Bukkaraju-Ramaraju,
was brought up by the Yanadis, a wild tribe living in the
jungles of Ahobalam. The StMnapati of the Ahobalam temple,
who discovered the identity of the boy, took much interest in
him* During the course of one of his visits to the court of
AeytitadSva MahSraya at Vijayaiiagara, taking advantage of
ait accidental reference to the destruction of the Sari family, the
Jtyar informed the Raya that a scion of the family still existed,
^4 if His Majesty desired to see him, he would produce him
before the court in a short time,